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Our Services

Our Services

Wall Sawing

Using a large circular blade which runs on a track-mounted machine, the track is mounted to upright surface or onto concrete floors or similar surfaces. The circular blade is then guided on the track to cut through the surface for precision openings, such as doors, vents or windows. The wall saw can cut straight as well as at an angle, depending on the specification requirements.

Core Drilling

Core drilling is applied for precise, circular/ round cuts of almost any diameter with ease. This method is ideal for drilling openings for plumbing, electrical and HVAC installations. Another excellent use is for holes for routing cables or placing anchoring bolts, installing load-carrying devices or dowel bars, or for concrete sample analysis.

Flat Sawing

Flat sawing is used for cutting flat surfaces such as floors, bridge decks, roads and pavement using a diamond blade mounted on a walk-behind machine requiring only one operator. This is used for creating expansion joints, removing damaged pavements or road surfaces sections and preparation for repair on cracks. This is also the method used for the demolition of old roads or surfaces.